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Paris, Fr

≈sheglitchr joined the Glitch Art movement in 2015.

She destroys pictures to create new ones. Her favorite phrase: "CREATION FROM DESTRUCTION".

Inspired by the nascent and fractured nostalgia of a time she didn't know, she draws her different energies from the music she listens to and from the experiences she makes.

CRTs, VHS players and analog materials are her favorite medias. 

She's now part of the label VISUAAL with the Samphyre project. 

Live Shows :

- SAMPHYRE played in Strasbourg, Sept. 2017

- With the band Petosaure at Le Supersonic in Paris, Mar. 2018

- With Cyanide Dansen and Defense Mechanism in Paris, Mar. 2018

- With Neurotypique, Isadora Paris, Mar. 2018

- For the Hors Champ night in Nantes, May 2018

- Kawaii8Bit Party in Paris, June 2018

- La Vallée Électrique - Salle-Sous-Bois, Aug. 2018

- Paris International Festival of Psychedelic Music, Sept. 2018

- With Neurotypique, Isadora, Dec. 2018

Exhibitions :

- Fu:/bar. exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia

- Les Matins Blancs, Paris, France

- La Nuit Blanche, Villette Makerz, Paris

- Blue x/80, Villette Makerz, Paris

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